Denver Public School Farms

The Urban Farm Project focuses on repurposing under-utilized DPS school grounds into fertile food production sites—allowing DPS to use more locally grown foods in their meal program. The project focuses on larger scale production of local ingredients to be served district wide.

The Urban Farm project began as a pilot in Summer 2011 with Sprout City Farms at Denver Green School (DGS) and two additional sites located at Bradley and McGlone elementary schools. These three sites were the focus of Healthy Kids Healthy Scores (HKHS), an economic feasibility study that was funded by the Colorado Health Foundation. The HKHS study focused on addressing the school district’s food system in relation to self-production and processing capabilities utilizing school lands and facilities.

Today, Produce Denver manages 3 of the 4 farm sites. The Produce Denver farmers partner with Groundwork Denver’s “Green Team Grow” team and together we are promoting health and well-being through community-based partnerships and action.

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